willow mats

Wicker mats in best quality – made in Europe

Our privacy mats made of willow can be used in many ways, both outdoors and indoors.

The elastic braid of unpolished willow branches can be attached almost anywhere with a few simple steps. Without great effort, you transform unsightly metal mesh fences into decorative privacy screens and clad open balcony railings.

Wicker mats are much more durable and decorative than the usual reed mats . The premium Weidenmatten by Weidenprofi are weather-resistant, high-quality processed and can be easily disassembled and reused.

With pruning shears or pliers, you can adjust the width and height of the fencing screens.

As a flexible screen, wicker mats are a cost-effective alternative with great visual impact – durable and quickly mounted: simply attach to existing fences, balcony railings, patio boundaries, construction and event barriers with cable ties or wire.

Uses of wicker mats :

  • Covering of functional fences made of wire mesh or wire mesh (building fences)
  • Flexible blinds for terrace and balcony: Easy installation on balcony railings
  • Decorative cladding of exterior and interior walls
  • Disguise of ugly garden objects such as rain barrels, compost silos etc.
  • Durable winter protection for plants

We send our roller fences with parcel service from 7.90 € directly to you in the house!

Weidenmatten – Sichtschutzmatten Rollzäune

Weidenmatten aus ungeschälter dunkler Naturweide Vielseitiger Sichtschutz, Blakonverkleidung und Deko für Terrasse, Balkon und Wohnbereich Weidenmatten überzeugen als Sichtschutzmatten mit hochwertigem Material und bester Verarbeitung. Die Weidenruten sind ausgesuchte Qualität aus europäischem Anbau und jede einzelne Weidenrute wird vom Draht … Weiter

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